“The Zephyr Marine Instructors were amazing and kept us really engaged; never leaving us out of the fun.”

Spring 2024

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary. Over 20,000 students out on Vineyard Sound on our hands-on “scientific cruises”.

Fall 2023

We just finished another busy fall, hosting 19 schools in our hands-on, on-the-water environmental scientific ‘cruises’ on Vineyard Sound.

Some Feedback from our 2023 Trips

Hi Rob – what an amazing trip we had and a great day with you. “This trip was so cool, leaming everything about bioluminescence, deep sea exploration, and oceanic life is one thing, but going out to sea, holding the sea urchins in your hand and seeing the crabs scuttle around brings so much more […]

CO2 Plots

Here is some great data. The climate deniers would have you believe our climate is changing naturally, as it has ‘forever’. Actually, the sudden increase in CO2, and its effects, is due to human intervention, This is unprecedented. The last 1000 years: The last 10,000 years: The last 800,000 years:

Spring-Summer 2023

We’ve done lots of trips this year and are looking busy to a busy fall. Some photos from this spring and summer.

Experiential Learning

Our hands-on ocean science and technology program is based on Experiential Learning. We think you’ll appreciate these quotes: I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. ~ Confucius, 450 BC Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I will learn. ~ Benjamin Franklin, 1750 […]