February 2020, number 2

Yesterday I was writing a proposal and wanted to add some written feedback comments from students and teachers. I went back over the last several trips of 2019, and here’s what I had:

“We will be referencing this trip throughout the rest of the school year.”..….“The trip was invaluable to the learning of our students”…..“Thank you again for hosting such an amazing day, for the students and myself.”.….“This trip opened my students’ eyes to what careers in marine biology can look like.”….. “I can definitely say this experience has a long lasting, major impact on my students…..” I know that for some of them they had experiences that they will always remember and maybe even changed their life.”…..“My favorite part of the boat trip was seeing how actively engaged the students were.”….. “My life is great right now.”..….”The Zephyr Marine Instructors were amazing and kept us really engaged; never leaving us out of the fun.”