Yearly Archives: 2020

Fall 2020

Well, we’ve been off the air for a while now. Hopefully, the spring will be better. If you’d like information about a field trip, please contact us. If you’d like to receive great marine science education links from WHOI, Woods Hole Sea Grant, MBL, or NOAA Northeast Marine Fisheries Office, please contact us or them […]

Spring 2020, part 2

Our program is on hold for the moment, but still hoping things will open up somewhat for summer and fall programs. Please contact me if you’d like to consider a field trip in the fall. I am also providing teachers with Ocean Science content originating at WHOI, MBL, and NOAA. Contact me if you’d […]

Spring 2020

We got one trip in this year; in February before the shut down. Here’s proof of the Taft School trip (below). There are some great lesson plan resources and videos being provided by WHOI, MBL and NOAA. Please contact me at for more information. We certainly hope to be back in operation with scientific […]

February 2020, number 2

Yesterday I was writing a proposal and wanted to add some written feedback comments from students and teachers. I went back over the last several trips of 2019, and here’s what I had: “We will be referencing this trip throughout the rest of the school year.”..….“The trip was invaluable to the learning of our students”…..“Thank […]

February 2020

We are pleased to be celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2020. Here is a look back to our first 10 years. Over 16,000 students have been out on the water with us. Here is a gallery of some of the thousands of photographs from those years.

January 2020

This winter we were please to be one of thenorganizations to sign a collaboration agreement between the Falmouth Public Schools and the Woods Hole scientific community. We look forward to helping develop STEM opportunities for Falmouth students.